La Petite école Singapore

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Established in 2012, La Petite École is a bilingual school, with lessons taught in French and English. It received approval from the French Ministry of Education in 2013, guaranteeing the quality of the education provided, and is a partner of the AEFE (French Foreign Education Agency). This year, La Petite École Singapore has around 130 pupils.

At La Petite École, the French national curriculum is taught in French and English by two native teachers for children from preschool (TPS, 2.5 years) to the 1st year of primary school – Cycle 2 (CP, 7 years). In order to ensure high-quality education, the teaching team receives training throughout the year, internally, as well as through their partnership with the French Foreign Education Agency (AEFE). The school welcomes families from all walks of life. It is open to its host country, its language and its culture.

And it is within this caring family structure that children play, build, learn and evaluate themselves. An innovative and unique educational system places the child at the heart of learning, and promotes autonomy, curiosity and motivation by integrating the use of new technologies.

At the end of preschool (GS, Cycle 1), all pupils have the option to start primary school if they wish, and thus, benefit from long-term educational continuity, since the Petite École project is developing its primary education provision.

La Petite École is housed within the Blue House International school, set in lush greenery, in the Bukit Timah district. Since 2015, La Petite École has had a sister establishment in Singapore: La Petite Crèche, in the Serangoon district, hosting very young infants from the moment they can walk until 4 years of age.

La Petite École, a small-scale, caring and joyful school!

The school comprises:

1 botanical garden

1 motor skills room

1 swimming pool

Football pitches

1 climbing wall

Cycle paths

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François-Xavier Douay Headmaster

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