Choose La Petite Ecole Hanoi?

Choosing La Petite Ecole Hanoi for your child means making the choice...


La Petite Ecole Hanoi follows the French National Education curriculum for its guarantee of quality education. This curriculum is submitting for approval by the French Ministry of Education, which will allow access to the network of the Agence pour l'Enseignement du Français à l'Etranger (AEFE), which includes approximately 550 schools around the world. Thanks to the strict and regular monitoring of our learning methods and teachers, as well as access to quality professional training, La Petite Ecole Hanoi students will be able to continue their studies in any of the network's establishments more easily.


In nursery and kindergarten, La Petite Ecole Hanoi follows the French National Education curriculum, with English and French alternating on a half-day basis, taught by native speakers. An introduction to the Vietnamese language and culture has also been integrated into the curriculum.


La Petite Ecole Hanoi offers an innovative pedagogy that respects children and their well-being, in accordance with neuroscience. It places the children at the heart of learning, adapting to their individual needs. It aims to promote self-confidence, a key factor in academic success, by providing compassion, freedom of choice and the time to learn at their own pace.


La Petite Ecole Hanoi is located in the quiet and green area of West Lake (Tay Ho), in the heart of a neighbourhood popular with expat communities and Vietnamese families. Located at the end of a quiet alley, the students enjoy a safe, tree-lined, welcoming and caring environment.


At La Petite Ecole Hanoi, we welcome more than fifteen different nationalities. This diverse environment allows the children to develop strong adaptability skills but also experience cultural differences from an early age. Each student is unique and for this reason we pay special attention to each of them.

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