La Petite Ecole Hanoi attains prestigious accreditation from AEFE

Establishing itself as a provider of world-class education.

La Petite Ecole Hanoi has recently obtained the official accreditation from the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad). The AEFE is an agency whose main objective is to promote and support an international school network consisting of 535 establishments located in 139 countries. These accredited establishments offer students the opportunity to follow a curriculum that aligns with the French programs, while respecting the values and requirements of the French educational system. They welcome both French and foreign students and provide students with an exceptional educational foundation.


This accreditation holds significant meaning for La Petite Ecole Hanoi and its students. It guarantees that students will benefit from a world-class education, with international opportunities and a prestigious diploma recognized globally. It also opens doors for students to pursue their studies in other prestigious French schools around the world, including the Lycée Francais Alexandre Yersin.


The recognition from the AEFE highlights La Petite Ecole’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional and quality education. The benefits for your child:

  • Strong foundation in French (Our accredited program fosters a robust understanding of French language and culture, preparing your child for future academic success)
  • Global perspective (the AEFE curriculum emphasizes intercultural understanding, equipping your child to thrive in a diverse world, such as the LFAY in Hanoi)
  • Seamless educational transitions (this accreditation ensures your child’s education at La Petite Ecole Hanoi is recognized by French International schools worldwide, facilitating their future academic pursuits)
  • Ability for French parents to apply for scholarships based on income conditions


This accreditation positions La Petite Ecole Hanoi as a leader in bilingual education in Hanoi. It is a remarkable achievement that deserves to be celebrated.


We would like to warmly thank our students, teachers, parents and the entire hanoian community for their trust in

providing an exceptional learning environment that prepares their child(dren) for success and leap in leaning. Wholeheart Thank you for your support!